Pig Meat Rates Stall Producer Exodus

by 5m Editor
5 January 2009, at 6:59am

AUSTRALIA - Pig meat prices have finally reached a level which has halted the exodus of producers from the industry.

New South Wales over-the-hooks (OTH) pork prices reached 408c/kg (carcase weight) late last year, according to the National Livestock Reporting Service.

OTH bacon hit 383c/kg, reports Australia's The Land.

While prices normally spike during the Christmas period, these prices are still favourable compared with those at the same time last year.

At that time, pork peaked at 289c/kg and bacon at 261c/kg.

The present high meat prices have been attributed to the lack of domestic supply, coupled with a small surge of demand for ham on the bone that is a regular end-of-year occurrence.

NSW Farmers Association pork committee chairman, Mal Gett, said while bacon prices are pleasing, pork prices have been producers’ true Christmas present.

“Pork can range anywhere from 430c/kg to 450c/kg, which is excellent news for pig farmers,” he said.

Mr Gett said the fervent hope for the industry now is that prices will remain as strong into next year.