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Request Made to Environment Agency for Revision

by 5m Editor
7 January 2009, at 10:35am

UK - Environment Agency's description of pig and poultry producers as polluters has caused considerable offence in both sectors. BPEX, NPA and NFU are to request the Agency to use a more balanced statement on its web site.

According to the NPA, it was Nigel Penlington of BPEX, who on 5 January spotted the following summary on the Agency's web site, 'Pig and poultry farms affect the environment through the release of pollutants'.

He noted that other farming sectors have been given more positive descriptions by the Agency. As a result of his intervention, BPEX, NPA and NFU will now be seeking to persuade the Agency to use a more balanced statement on its Agriculture page.

These organisations will ask the Agency to make mention of the value, quantity and quality of food produced by the two sectors and the fact that producer efficiency means a relatively low carbon footprint.