Military Honours for British Pork

by 5m Editor
25 February 2009, at 9:49am

UK - Pay attention men. From May onwards, everyone on military bases, from the commanding officers downwards, will have the opportunity to enjoy British belly pork at its best.

The chefs on these bases will be as delighted as anyone. Having seen Ramsay and co extolling belly on the telly, they will now have the opportunity to show that Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy chefs are every bit as good.

The belly pork will be supplied to the military in ready-cut blocks, which will please the chefs, because they are portion-controlled and minimum preparation is required, said Tony Goodger, of BPEX, who has arranged the new deal for British pork.

"Belly pork is excellent for marinades and this will give the chefs the opportunity to be creative," he said. Another innovation he suggested, and which was agreed by the military, is to serve British pork collar steaks as a less expensive alternative to lamb chops.