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Queensland Pig Farmers Enraged by Fee Rise

by 5m Editor
26 February 2009, at 9:37am

AUSTRALIA - Queensland pig producers have slammed a new annual fee that some claim could force them out of the industry.

Established under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008, the fee has jumped from an average of $500 to as high as $4300 dollars, depending on size and emissions of individual piggeries.

Industry bodies are urging the Queensland Government to make further discounts, reports Australian news agency ABC.

South Burnett producer Vince Butler can't see how the fee is helping the environment.

"Not at this stage, it's just a heavy handed tactic, 'you pay this money or we'll take your licence away'," he says.

"I think especially some of the older farmers will say enough is enough and probably get out of the industry."

The EPA says the new system is a fairer breakdown of fees for industry and will improve environmental services.