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USDA: Results of Pork Request for Referendum

by 5m Editor
19 February 2009, at 6:20am

US - The US Department of Agriculture yesterday announced the results of a pork request for referendum that shows too few pork producers and importers want a continuance referendum on the Pork Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Order.

The request for referendum was held from 8 December 2008, through 2 January 2009, at USDA's county Farm Service Agency offices.

The request for referendum was conducted as a result of a settlement of a lawsuit entered into 28 February 2001, with USDA and the Michigan Pork Producers Association, Inc., et al.

Under the settlement agreement, USDA agreed to conduct a request for referendum among eligible pork producers and importers to determine whether producers and importers favored holding a referendum on the Pork Checkoff Program. If the results of the request for referendum showed that there was sufficient interest among pork producers and importers to have a vote on whether to continue the order, a referendum would have to be held within a year.

If at least 15 per cent of the 69,446 eligible pork producers and importers nationwide participated in the request for referendum, a referendum would have been conducted. Of the 96 participants, 94 valid requests for a referendum were cast -- far short of the 10,417 required to trigger a referendum.

Further Reading

- You can view the state-by-state results by clicking here.
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