NZ Not Up to British Pig Farming Standard

by 5m Editor
4 March 2009, at 9:31am

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand consumers are confused about the welfare of pigs reared in their country, following the latest Jamie Oliver expose about pork farming (TV One, Tuesday, 24 February 8.30pm).

The British pig farming standards exceed ours here in New Zealand, with Britain having a 100 per cent ban on the use of sow stalls (or sow crates).

Gregor Fyfe, from Freedom Farms comments, "Jamie reassured viewers that it was okay to buy British pork because pig farmers don't use sow crates, but unfortunately many New Zealanders appear to have made the incorrect assumption that New Zealand farmed pork is fine as well."

"This is absolutely not the case, and New Zealand consumers need to know that a large number of our pig farmers use sow crates."

There is only one way that consumers can be sure that the bacon and pork they are buying and eating has been reared without the use of sow crates, and that is to only buy products labelled "free farmed".

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