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India Opposes EU Welfare Drive

by 5m Editor
21 April 2009, at 11:07am

GLOBAL - The European Union (EU) is pushing for the inclusion of animal welfare standards in World Trade Organization (WTO) multilateral trade negotiations.

"Inclusion of animal welfare standards in the WTO agenda is urgently needed to effectively enforce animal standards worldwide, and to improve the appalling condition of slaughter houses in many countries, including India," New Delhi, India-based Citizens for Animal Rights (CAR) said in a release.

According to a report by Thaindian quoting European representatives, the CAR added: "Animal welfare concerns are being increasingly recognized in food production around the world, but they must be formalized within the WTO trade agreements."

But the India government opposes the EU move, reports financial, citing such moves as “non-tariff trade barriers by developed countries to curb exports.”

But Michael Scannell, adviser to the European Commission's Animal Health and Welfare Directorate, says: "Getting formal recognition of animal welfare standards within the binding WTO agreements is crucial for unlocking the UN and World Bank resources needed to help the developing world raise its animal welfare levels."

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