Minister Expected to Act on Fallen Animal Commitment

by 5m Editor
29 April 2009, at 9:46am

IRELAND - Following a meeting with Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith, the IFA Deputy President Derek Deane said the commitment given to him by the Minister Smith to provide real competition in the area of animal collection must be delivered on immediately.

It is unjustifiable for farmers to be charged more to haul fallen animals than the rates applicable to similar live animals. Real competition is vital in this area and must be provided through utilisation hunts, kennels and direct delivery to rendering plants. For remote areas the option of licensed on-farm burials must be made available.

Derek Deane said the cost of rendering fallen animals has been slashed over the last week through the use of rendering facilities in Northern Ireland. He said rendering charges are now in the range of €85 - €105 per tonne back from €180 per tonne just last week. These costs must be reduced further.

Mr Deane said Northern Irish farmers are paying less than halve of what farmers here are being asked to pay. With Irish knackeries and hauliers now availing of rendering in the North. Northern Irish farmers are currently getting calves collected for €14.60(£13.00) and 6-12 month old animals are being collected for €46.06 (£41.00).

The IFA Deputy President said the Minister is obligated to provide a cost effective infrastructure for the disposal of fallen animals and this must be provided immediately.

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