Climate Change Brings Heightened Disease Risk

by 5m Editor
27 May 2009, at 12:21pm

GLOBAL - The impact of climate change on the emergence and re-emergence of animal diseases has been confirmed by a majority of World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) member countries in a worldwide study conducted among all its national delegates.

Increasingly countries are indicating that climate change has been responsible for at least one emerging or re-emerging disease. The conclusions of the study "Impact of climate change and environmental changes on emerging and re-emerging animal disease and animal production" call for a new approach to prevent these new dangers.

Members countries have consequently given the World Organisation for Animal Health a mandate to address the issue by using its scientific capabilities and networks at global, regional and sub-regional levels with the aim of preventing or reducing the effects of climate change on animal production and diseases, including those transmissible to humans."

Over 70 per cent of countries said they were extremely concerned at the expected impact of climate change on emerging and re-emerging diseases; 58 per cent identified at least one emerging or re-emerging disease on their territory that was believed to be associated with climate change.

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