Fighting for British Pork Label

by 5m Editor
29 June 2009, at 8:40am

UK - Pig farmer, television personality and British pig industry champion Jimmy Doherty is planning to expose retailers who connive with processors to mislead shoppers.

He has joined forces with the British Pig Executive (BPEX) to find out if shoppers can tell from standard supermarket labels what is and what isn't British pork. A recent YouGov poll showed shoppers find labels misleading and believe they should be clearer.

He said: "As a pig farmer myself I am hugely concerned that products containing imported pork that does not meet minimum United Kingdom welfare standards can legally be labelled as British."

Mr Doherty and BPEX are keen for pig producers to join the campaign at these city centre venues:

  • Tuesday June 30: Birmingham and Norwich.
  • Thursday July 2: Leeds and Nottingham.
  • Monday July 6: Bristol and Southampton.

"No More Porkies" placards and t-shirts will be available. Jimmy Doherty will encourage passers-by to pick up five pork products with clear country of origin labels and put them in an empty basket as quick as they can.

He will tell shoppers how many products they identified correctly and will explain some of the issues around unclear labelling. He will encourage shoppers to look for the Quality Standard Mark.