Four More Cases of CSF in Brazil

by 5m Editor
16 June 2009, at 10:21am

BRAZIL - The veterinary authorities have reported four new cases of classical swine fever (CSF) to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The Brazilian veterinary authority has sent Follow up Report No. 3 dated 12 June to the OIE.

The report describes four new outbreaks of CSF, all on small, traditional farms, starting between mid-April (the date of the previous report) and mid-May. Three of the cases were in the far east of the country in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, while the other one was in the far north in Amapá state. On all affected farms, production was for self-consumption or local trade.

In total, 173 pigs were affected and 153 of them died. The numbers destroyed are not given.

The report explains that all the outbreaks were in areas outside those declared nationally as free of classical swine fever. The Animal Health Department has approved the vaccination of all pigs of the State of Rio Grande do Norte.

Surveillance and epidemiological investigation are continuing in affected areas.

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