Iron-Clad Case for Red Meat

by 5m Editor
19 June 2009, at 10:18am

UK - A new report highlights the importance of red meat as a source of iron in the human diet.

Red meat as a vital source of iron has been given a ringing endorsement in a new report just published.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition Working Group on Iron has highlighted red meat as one of the most important dietary sources of iron and haem-iron in particular – the type more readily absorbed by the body.

The report says health professionals need to be more vigilant in looking for poor iron status in vulnerable groups at risk of iron deficiency, including anaemia.

These include toddlers, girls and women of reproductive age and adults over 65. Appropriate advice on how to increase their iron intakes should be provided.”

EBLEX and BPEX Nutrition Manager, Maureen Strong said: "As well as red meat, the report also says food fortified with iron, such as breakfast cereals, make little practical contribution to the improvement of iron status.

"The report also suggested the evidence used by the World Cancer Research Fund linking red and processed meat consumption with an increased risk of bowel cancer is not conclusive.

"As the evidence is based on prospective observational studies, confounding factors such as smoking or obesity may have influenced the findings."