EU Pig Prices: Further Rise in Prices

by 5m Editor
1 July 2009, at 8:18am

EU - In most European countries, the pigs-for-slaughter market appears friendly again this week. Extensive live-animal exports towards the Eastern European countries help relieve many Western European countries' markets and Germany's in particular.

France recorded the highest price increases at more than six cents. Spain followed next with more than five cents. In Spain, demand proves to be livelier during the holiday season which is reflected in the price, too. In France, slaughter weights have gone down over the past two weeks by an average 1.5 kg. But even Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were able to increase prices by two and three cents, respectively. Denmark and Austria alone remained on an unchanged level. In Austria, they attribute this to the difficult conditions in the meat business and to average supply.

Trend: Even though some German slaughter companies announced their plans to reduce slaughter capacities considerably, the pig prices are expected to remain steady at least throughout Europe next week.