New Assisted Boar Collection System

by 5m Editor
29 July 2009, at 12:06pm

FRANCE - IMV Technologies is introducing a new assisted boar collection system, Safemate.

SAFEMATE™ was developed to answer the needs of small-to-mid size AI centres, or those where the building lay-out does not allow for more sophisticated equipment.

Safemate is unique in the simplicity to install and to use. Using Safemate does not require significant initial investment and is very easy to install.

The new system offers a higher level of hygiene and productivity compared manual collection. It allows a single technician to collect from multiple boars at the same time.

The Safemate will be sold as a kit for 100 collections.

Further Reading

- You can find out more about the Safemate system from IMV Technologies by clicking here.