Ukraine Bans Pig Imports Due to ASF

by 5m Editor
6 August 2009, at 11:15am

UKRAINE - Ukraine imposed a ban on the import of live pigs from Russia and the South Caucasus due to the outbreak of the African swine fever, according to Ukraines Head of State Veterinary Committee Peter Verbitsky.

Mr Verbitsky added that the imports have already been banned and the pigs are confiscated at the border.

The Veterinary Committee is concerned with the outbreak of the African swine fever registered in the Russian Federation and the South Caucasus territories.

There is no effective state-of-the-art vaccine against this case, and it is accompanied by large scale mortality of not only domestic pigs, but wild pigs as well.

The imports’ termination, according to analysts, may cause a deficit in the pork and bacon market of Ukraine, mostly supplied from neighbouring Russia. To avoid this, Kiev is planning to consider alternatives to the Russian imports, possibly from some other CIS countries.

The outbreak has been registered in the Rostov region, less than 200 km from the Ukraine’s border, reports

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