Meat Exports to Caribbean Surge, with Pork Leading

by 5m Editor
2 September 2009, at 11:47am

US - The Caribbean has been a bright spot for US meat exports so far this year, with pork, beef and lamb exports all showing double-digit volume increases over the first half of 2008.

US pork exports (including variety meat) have been particularly strong, increasing by 46 per cent in volume and 44 per cent in value over last year.

USMEF Caribbean representative Elizabeth Wunderlich says pork has not only become more popular with the region’s local population, but also with its hotel and restaurant industries. She explains that because Caribbean tourism has been struggling amid the global economic crisis, US pork is providing an appealing, economical alternative for many foodservice providers.

Ms Wunderlich also notes that with only a few exceptions, market access for US pork has been fairly open and reliable in the region.

You can listen to USMEF's audio report on pork exports to the Caribbean by clicking here.