Positive Signs for English Pig Sector

by 5m Editor
21 September 2009, at 9:45am

UK - Provisional Defra Pig census results published this week report a 5.5 per cent increase in the English breeding herd during the past twelve months.

The census results estimate the English breeding herd in June 2009 at 432,000 breeding pigs an increase of 22,000 from a year earlier and approaching June 2007 levels.

The results are a welcome indication of the industry recovering from the feed crisis during 2007 and 2008 which at its peak witnessed producers losing up to 326 per pig produced.

The increase in breeding herd is yet to be reflected in the finishing herd due to the lag in the production cycle but results do indicate an increase of almost 3 percent in pigs up to 50kgs liveweight.

Commenting on the results Mick Sloyan, BPEX Director said, "Whist the census results are only provisional they indicate a degree of confidence in the industry following the immense financial challenge of sharp rises in feed costs during 2007-08.

"BPEX will continue to focus on projects to enhance herd health and productivity helping the industry to improve productivity and competitiveness that is needed to ensure longer term resilience."

BPEX Chairman Stewart Houston said, "The results are encouraging but it is more important than ever that all elements of the supply chain work together to ensure we consolidate this growth and BPEX will do all they can to help achieve this."