Largest Percentage Increase in Pig Farm Incomes

by 5m Editor
30 October 2009, at 7:37am

UK - Specialist pig farms saw the largest percentage increase in farm business income in the 12 months to February 2009, but this was from a particularly low base.

Average output from pig enterprises increased by just over 40 per cent, according to Defra’s latest farm business income report. Input costs were significantly higher, but were more than offset by higher output.

Average farm business income for all farm types was slightly higher than in 2008/09 at £50,900 compared to £48,200 in 2007/08. This reflects firmer prices during the year for a range of commodities, particularly pigmeat, lamb and beef and to a lesser extent milk.

Farmers also saw an increase in the value of their single farm payment due to a more favourable exchange rate compared to the previous year.

Average net farm income of specialist pig farms (£/farm).