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First Round of Tendering Under HFTP Complete

by 5m Editor
10 November 2009, at 12:00pm

CANADA - The first 10 million dollars have been allocated under the 75 million dollar Canadian Hog Farm Transition programme, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Based on a tendering process the Hog Farm Transition Program offers compensation to hog producers, who agree to idle production facilities for a minimum of three years.

Canadian Pork Council public relations manager Gary Stordy reports 74 of 261 bids submitted during the first round were accepted, representing approximately 22 thousand sows, 44 thousand weaners and 60 thousand hogs.

Gary Stordy-Canadian Pork Council

The accepted bids ranged from a low of 300 dollars per animal unit equivalent to a high of 979 but overall the weighted average of the successful bids was 765.

Everything is going to be available, obviously the number of bids that were submitted, the accepted bids and the total value that was available for this tender.

Certainly producers will be aware of the weighted average and the high and the lows for the bids and the inventory that was brought out.

That information should be an unofficial notice to some of the producers that participated in the auction.

I assume many producers know and are aware of where they were and what they bid.

But, within the next couple of days and ideally by Friday, producers who participated in the tender will be notified whether they were successful or unfortunately not.

If they were successful they will receive some documents that they will have to sign and complete.

If they were unsuccessful they'll receive that notice but also a tender form for the next bid which was originally scheduled to take place on 18 November and that has been delayed to 9 December.

Full details on the first round of tendering and information on subsequent rounds can be accessed at the Canadian Pork Council web site.

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