Hog Raisers Seek Lifting of Price Ceiling

by 5m Editor
13 November 2009, at 9:58am

PHILIPPINES - The country's local hog raisers are recommending the lifting of the price ceiling on pork by December, as farmgate prices are expected to rise in response to increased demand.

Albert Lim, president of the National Hog Raisers Association, said a price ceiling during a time of extremely high demand could cause a shortage in pork supply in Luzon.

He explained that the sow population in Luzon had decreased, causing a production shortfall. Supply from the Visayas and Mindanao, however, remained relatively high.

According to Inquirer, he said that to supply the shortfall in Luzon, pork from General Santos City could be brought to the region.

With a ceiling of P170 a kilo in effect, however, hog raisers might no longer be keen on sending supply over to Luzon.

"The current retail price is okay for now, considering the existing farmgate prices. But at this time, there’s not much demand yet. The Christmas demand is not yet here. By December, retail prices (without the ceiling) could reach P200-P220 a kilo," he said. "But we also don’t want prices to go too high. Around P200 a kilo should be reasonable."

He also noted that prices in General Santos had already increased due to demand, providing a disincentive for producers there to sell in Luzon if the price freeze would remain in effect.