Stress in the Pork Industry to Be Addressed

CANADA - A Canmore, Alberta-based middle management coach is encouraging pork producers facing tough economic times to make a conscious effort to enhance their resilience, writes Bruce Cochrane.
calendar icon 17 November 2009
clock icon 3 minute read

High input costs, excess pork supply the high value of the Canadian dollar and US Country of Origin Labelling (COOL), have pushed the Canadian pork industry into its longest and deepest economic squeeze in living memory.

Maintaining momentum through difficult times is one of the topics being addressed as part of Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2009 underway today and tomorrow in Saskatoon.

Motivational speaker and middle management coach Doon Wilkins encourages producers to plan for stress, focus on past successes, interact with others and continue learning.

Doon Wilkins-Doon Inc

Most of what I talk about isn't new information.

I talk about life long learning, I talk about living your intentions and I talk about living with an anticipation that it's an up and down industry, it's a rise and fall industry.

None of this is new but what is new I think is the ideal of creating a personal practice for yourself, beginning to wake up in the morning and take out your journal and re-touch, go back to the well, remember why you're doing what you're doing, remember the successes of the past and to begin to create a personal practice so that you're dealing as best you can with the stresses that come along in a conscious way.

We think, we think a lot but we actually don't think a lot until we stop to think.

You need to create a personal practice and it's something that you do every day and if you do that you will weather this storm more successfully that the other folks.

Mr Wilkins says those people who create a personal practice around resilience where they do three, four, five things every day without fail are the people who get through the best.

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