Swedish Pig Farms Flout Animal Protection Laws

SWEDEN - Living conditions for Swedish pigs are worse than previously realised, an animal rights group claims, citing its own video evidence.
calendar icon 24 November 2009
clock icon 3 minute read

On one pig farm owned by a high ranking person within Swedish Meats, an association representing more than 17,000 livestock farmers in Sweden, the group recorded footage of pigs chewing on the carcass of a dead pig.

Citing Sveriges Radio (SR), The Local reports that the Animal Rights Alliance (Djurrättsalliansen) has visited hundreds of farms over the last two years.

The group claims to have found grave violations of Sweden’s animal protection laws at basically every farm it visited.

The pigs’ living quarters lacked hay on the floors, exhibited poor air quality, and the animals had sores and other injuries.

One of the farms visited by the group is owned by a man who has had high-ranking positions in both Swedish Meats and Sveriges Grisproducenter, an association of Swedish pig farmers.

Visiting the farm last Sunday, the Animal Rights Alliance filmed a group of pigs chewing on a dead pig lying on the floor of a pig pen. Several pigs had injuries on their legs, and their pens lacked any hay.

According to The Local, Sveriges Radio claims to have reviewed the film and confirmed its authenticity.

The owner of the farm refused to comment on the images or conditions on his farm.

Johan Beck Friis of the Swedish Veterinary Association (Sveriges Veterinärförbund – SVF) said the film shows “a serious case of the mistreatment of animals“.

“This is prohibited and unacceptable in every way, both from the perspective of hygiene and animal protection,“ he told SR.

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