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UK Slaughter Statistics - November 2009

by 5m Editor
20 November 2009, at 9:48am

UK - Figures from the UK's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) reveal that the country's monthly home-killed production of pig meat rose in October, but only slightly. It should be noted that the month of October contained five weeks.

The number of clean pigs sent to slaughter in October rose quite significantly at 995,000 in October, compared to 739,000 in September and 745,000 in August. The number of sows and boars sent for slaughter, on the other hand, was not as high in October. The figure stands at a mere 23,000, compared to 17,000 in September and August.

The average dressed carcase weight dropped in October at 78.8 kg, compared to 79.3 kg and 78.1 kg in September and August respectively. On the other hand, the slaughter weight for sows and boars appears fairly stable at 161.9 kg, compared to 152.2 kg in September and 149.8 kg the month before.

Overall, the UK produced 79 kg of pig meat in October, compared to 61 kg in September and August and 72 kg in July.

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