Pig Health: Key Role for Abattoir Lorry Washes

by 5m Editor
10 December 2009, at 9:28am

UK - Christmas has come early for the pig industry with BPEX offering the chance to win 350. It is part of a new initiative to decrease the risk of disease transmission within the industry – focusing on abattoir lorry wash facilities.

A survey of facilities has been launched, where lorry wash users return a simple assessment sheet to the Pig Task Force Committee. All lorry wash users who submit contact details with their assessment sheet will be entered into a draw for the cash.

The Pig Task Force Committee, chaired by Defra minister Jim Fitzpatrick, has a sub-group focused on pig health issues and it has identified abattoir lorry washes as a significant factor for the industry.

The survey information will be collated and fed back to both the abattoirs and the task force to identify where improvements can be made and how the industry can address those areas.

You can download the lorry wash scoring system and a fax-back assessment sheet by clicking here.

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