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Centralised Farming Urged to Control Pork Prices

by 5m Editor
25 January 2010, at 11:16am

MALAYSIA - The Government should have a clearer policy to support local pig farmers and this includes the implementation of a centralised pig farm, said Sin Chew Daily in its editorial.

Quoting Sin Chew Daily, The Star reports that it said the centralised farming system would not only be able to control pollution but would also control the production of pigs.

“This will ensure there is enough pork supply in the country all year round and solve the problem of a price increase for the meat,” it said.

The daily added that the Government’s move to list pork as a controlled item during the festive season would stabilise the price for pork.

“As long as pig farmers ensure sufficient supply, why do we still need to import frozen pork from China, Thailand, Vietnam or European countries?

“Is it really true that there is a shortage of pigs? Or is this just an excuse by pig sellers to hike up the price of pork?,” it said.

It added that the Government must investigate the matter.

The daily said although importing pork might allow pork sellers to earn more profit and help restaurant operators save cost, it would bring negative effects to the pig farming industry.

“Currently, the Government is considering importing pork from other countries. Once we open up the market, there is no guarantee that it will not have a big impact on the pig farming industry,” the daily said.