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Pork Board Alleged to be Damaging Industry

by 5m Editor
26 February 2010, at 9:45am

NEW ZEALAND - The Pork Industry Board continues to damage its own brand with the revelation it is fighting to keep pigs in sow crates, Green Party Animal Welfare spokesperson Sue Kedgley has alleged.

News reports reveal the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) proposed in a draft report to phase out sow crates cages over the next seven years. The draft version of the new pig code, which should have been released late last year, was held back due to the threat of legal action from pig farmers.

“The snails-pace of animal welfare reform proposed by NAWAC is sadly way too fast for the dinosaurs of the Pork Industry Board,” said Ms Kedgley, who has has been actively campaigning for the banning of sow crates since she became an MP.

“The Pork Industry is using stand-over tactics and the threat of legal action to delay the reform of inhumane pig-farming practices.

“There is no timetable for releasing even the draft code. It is clear the Pork Industry Board could continue to use delaying tactics and legal action well into this year or for as long as it takes.

“It is time for the pork industry to listen to consumers and drag themselves into 21st Century before they do irreparable harm to their industry,” said Ms Kedgley.

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