Russia Reports New Case of African Swine Fever

by 5m Editor
16 February 2010, at 7:05am

RUSSIA - A new case of African swine fever (ASF) has been reported in Krasnodar Kray.

The Russian veterinary authority sent Follow Up Report No. 16 dated 15 February to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

It describes one new case of ASF, which started on 3 February at Krasnaya Zvezda, which is two kilometres from the settlement of Shevchenkovskoe in Krasnodar Kray.

Of the 3,851 pigs affected, 77 died and the rest were destroyed.

The report adds that there were 1,139 pigs in the five-kilometre-radius threatened area, which includes the village of Shevchenko. A slaughter of animals with subsequent industrial processing is being carried out. The second threatened zone (100-km-radius) covers Starominskiy, Kushchevskiy, Kanevskiy, Leningradskiy, Beloglinskiy, Pavlovskiy, Bryukhovetskiy, Vyselkovskiy, Tikhoretskiiy, Novopokrovskiy, Tbiliskiy (Caucasus region). In these districts, there are 98 farms with a total of 220,385 pigs.

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