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Hands-On Exposure to Livestock Production Offered

by 5m Editor
30 March 2010, at 8:08am

CANADA - A southeastern Manitoba pork producer says the non-farming public is interested in learning more about what's involved in the production of the food they eat, according to Bruce Cochrane.

The 2010 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair kicked off yesterday in Brandon.

Among the highlights is "Thru the Farmgate" a live animal display which allows the public to see how modern livestock production facilities operates and question producers.

James Hofer, the barn manager at the Starlight Colony at Starbuck, says the display is intended to help bridge the gap between rural and urban.

James Hofer-Starlight Colony

The public, what they're trying to understand is first of all how pigs are housed, what kind of feed they eat, whether we use hormones to stimulate growth which we don't and how pork producers go about their general business in pork production.

We try and sort of bridge the gap between rural and urban where a lot of people have sort of lost touch in how food is actually produced.

They need to know that we are in primary production, that we are producing a very affordable product and that it is a safe product, that it is second to none in the world.

They need to know that Canada is known for its superior product around the world and there is a demand for the product we're producing and they need to feel very confident that what we are producing is safe, it's wholesome, it's fresh and it's produced locally.

Mr Hofer says the reaction to the display has been positive and he believes showcasing what's done on the farm and how is time well spent by the pork industry.

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