Proposals to Simplify Livestock Movements Rules

by 5m Editor
31 March 2010, at 11:57am

UK - Proposals to simplify and improve the rules around livestock movements were published today.

The proposals include:

  • more robust business rules for CPH allocation, supported by a single maintained dataset of land and customer data (including re-affirmation of 10 mile rule for CPH allocation);
  • abolishing Cattle Tracing System links (CTS);
  • abolishing Sole Occupancy Authorities (SOAs); and
  • extending the circumstances in which isolation facilities can be used to serve livestock movement standstills

These proposals address both Sir Iain Anderson’s concerns about recording of livestock data and Bill Madders’ recommendations for streamlining the complicated livestock movements rules.

Successful implementation of these measures will make life much simpler for livestock keepers because it will apply consistency of rules to cattle, sheep, goat and pig movements. The current conditions of use for isolation facilities are very complicated; simplifying the system will provide valuable flexibility for some farmers to operate their businesses whilst keeping the risk of spreading disease to a minimum.

This consultation, which covers England only, also canvasses opinion on sheep recording and reporting arrangements to replace the interim arrangements introduced on 1 January 2010.