Three New CSF Outbreaks Reported in Russia

by 5m Editor
17 March 2010, at 9:14am

RUSSIA - The Russian veterinary authorities have reported three new outbreaks of classical swine fever in wild boars as well as in swine.

The World Organisation for Animal Health received Follow-up Report no. 1 yesterday, 16 March.

The first oubtreak occured on 24 February 2010 in the outskirts of Sheremetievka, Lysogorsky and the second took place on 25 February in Alexeyevsky, Arkadaksky, both in Saratovskaya. In both instances, the outbreak occured in swine. While six cases of CSF were reported in the former, only one case was reported in the latter.

The third outbreak took place on 8 February in Tersinskoye, a game husbandry, located at Flansky in Volgogradskaya. The outbreak occured in wild boars (em>sus scrofa). A total of three cases were reported.

The source of the outbreak remains unknown. The disease has been reported in areas ecologically and economically connected with territories earlier affected by classical swine fever.

Destruction of diseased and suspicious animals is being carried out. Compulsory vaccination of animals in the risk zone is also being applied. The carcasses of wild animals have been destroyed. Surveillance is being practiced in the wild fauna.

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