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UK Pig Industry Will Strive to Be Greener

by 5m Editor
12 March 2010, at 11:10am

UK - One of BPEX’s themes at this year’s British Pig and Poultry Fair will be how the pig industry can play its part in reducing carbon emissions.

The agriculture industry as a whole has entered into a voluntary agreement with government to reduce emissions by 11 per cent by 2020 and the pig industry is keen to play its part, Mick Sloyan, of BPEX, told yesterday’s NPA Producer Group meeting.

“We have been looking long and hard at what we can do, but actually I believe that if the trends in productivity continue we will probably hit that 11 per cent.

“And I think if we start doing the calculations on the pig industry’s contribute to greenhouse gases a bit more sensitively we will show a reduction anyway.

“To give one example, at present pigs’ contribution is assessed globally on the assumption that they are fed wheat and soya. But in this country the amount of co-products that are fed probably account for at least a third of the volume, maybe more, and just that alone makes a significant contribution."