Zimbabwe Bans Imports on Disease Fears

by 5m Editor
1 April 2010, at 7:50am

SOUTH AFRICA - Zimbabwe has banned the import of animal products from South Africa.

Zimbabwe has banned the importation of animal products from South Africa with immediate effect, reports Eyewitness News of South Africa.

The Ministry of Agriculture said on 31 March that this was because of the outbreak of Rift Valley Fever in parts of South Africa.

The ministry said Zimbabwe was working closely with the South African government to implement measures to control the spread of the virus.

Economist, Eric Bloch, told Eyewitness News the ban would not have a major effect on local meat processors.

He said the ban would benefit local poultry producers.

The Zimbabwe Poultry Association has been lobbying for a three-month ban on frozen chickens from South Africa. Producers said they could not compete with the low price of imported South African chickens and had 1,400 tonnes of meat that they could not sell.