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NZ Pork Moves Forward on Biogas

by 5m Editor
26 May 2010, at 10:42am

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand Pork has completed the latest stage in a project to generate biogas from pig manure.

As tensions rise regarding the introduction of industry to the emissions trading scheme, New Zealand Pork has completed the latest stage in a project to generate biogas from pig manure.

According to National Business Review, the project, partially funded by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), aims to determine the viability of farm biogas systems, and includes pig and mixed pig-and-dairy farms across a range of sizes.

While the upfront capital costs of a biogas system are often high, EECA estimates that savings from on-farm energy generation mean the investment can be paid back in as little as three or four years.

NZ Pork CEO, Sam McIvor, said a multi-stakeholder project in Canterbury is showing early signs of success.

He explained: "The benefits would include not only the opportunity to put pig manure and other 'waste' products to good use, it would also supply methane to heat the buildings' boilers instead of diesel, and nutrient-rich digested fertiliser for the farm.”

He said some farmers had already successfully implemented the biogas technology and that others were at the "seriously investing stage".

The NZ Pork project has been nominated for a Ministry of the Environment Green Ribbon award, in the emission reduction category. The awards take place in Wellington on 3 June, reports National Business Review.

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