Animal Rights Protest Taken to Minister

by 5m Editor
3 June 2010, at 5:24am

TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA - A group of Tasmanian animal rights activists is calling on the State Government to ban sow stalls.

ABC News reports that about 40 protesters have taken three pigs they say were rescued from sow stalls, to the Hobart office of the Primary Industries Minister Brian Green.

Brightside Farm Sanctuary's Emma Haswell says factory farm pigs spend their whole lives in crates just two metres long and 60 centimetres wide.

"Sow stalls have been banned in the UK for the last 10 years and Riverlea which is the biggest pig producer in Australia has 40,000 pigs and they are voluntarily phasing out sow stalls," she said.

"They produce more pigs than the whole of Tasmania and they're doing it voluntarily."

The Tasmanian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee has recommended sow stalls be banned in Tasmania by 2017.