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IFA: Measures to Follow Pig and Poultry Scheme

by 5m Editor
15 June 2010, at 10:27am

IRELAND - IFA President John Bryan said the introduction of the Pigs & Poultry Welfare Scheme was welcome news for producers in these sectors under financial pressure to meet very high standards imposed by EU Regulations.

However, Mr Bryan said that these Pig & Poultry schemes are part of a number of targeted agricultural measures, which have already been passed by the EU Commission. It was then important for the Minister for Agriculture, Brendan Smith, to introduce the other promised schemes for Dairy Hygiene, Water Harvesting, Sheep Handling and Fencing as soon as possible.

He said EU funding has been provided for these measures and the schemes are part of Ireland’s Rural Development Plan, which runs until 2013.

“On the Pigs & Poultry Welfare Scheme announced by Minister Smith, it is now vital that all farmers, who intend to carry out work, receive grant aid. The new selective criteria announced by the Minister must not discriminate against any farmer who is forced by EU Regulations to meet the high standard required for caged birds in the case of poultry and sow tethering in the case of pigs,” Mr Bryan concluded.

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