Inner Mongolia to Sell Breeding Pigs to Mongolia

by 5m Editor
24 June 2010, at 9:49am

INNER MONGOLIA, CHINA - North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has secured its first ever deal to export breeding pigs to the Republic of Mongolia, with a shipment of 60 animals set for August, the exporter announced Tuesday.

The supply contract signed between Dexin Animal Breeding Co Ltd in Ordos city, and its buyer in the inland country allows for the sale of 360 breeding pigs.

Zurgaan Khoshuu, an animal husbandry company in the Republic of Mongolia, will raise the animals in the suburbs of Ulan Bator, the capital.

Dexin is the first pig breeding center in Inner Mongolia, involving a total investment of 150 million yuan ($21.99 million). The center's first phase has been completed at a cost of 70 million yuan.