Scottish Pig Farmer Receives Share of Rural Grant

by 5m Editor
9 June 2010, at 6:50am

SCOTLAND, UK - One pig producer has received more than 3460,000 from a rural development fund.

The Scottish poultry industry featured highly in yesterday's list of recipients for Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) cash, with Glenrath farms, in Peebles, the country's largest egg producer, receiving £745,000 for upgrading two chicken sheds into the enriched colony system, according to The Scotsman.

John Campbell of Glenrath said last night that the money would be used as part of a £40 million overhaul of their accommodation in the light of forthcoming changes to legislation.

Other awards went to other poultry and dairy producers.

The biggest support for the pig industry comes with a £466,140 award to major pig producer, John Forbes, at Laurencekirk.

Covering as it does a wide range of rural activities, the rural secretary accepted there would be those who failed to get through the system.

"I can appreciate some people being unhappy. But the SRDP is the biggest scheme for channelling money into the rural economy," Mr Lochhead said.