Farmers' Views Sought on Sow Stalls

by 5m Editor
14 July 2010, at 9:37am

AUSTRALIA - Pig farmers are being asked for their views on sow stalls.

Australian Pork Limited is asking pig farmers whether they think consumers can be convinced that sow stalls are good for animal welfare, reports ABC.

Sow stalls are the small pens which confine pregnant pigs, so they cannot turn around or fight with each other.

The Tasmanian Government will ban sow stalls from 2017.

Australian Pork Limited's Andrew Spencer says the organisation is asking farmers what they want to do next.

He explained: "One of the critical questions that we're asking producers is whether they believe that our use, as an industry, of sow stalls is something that we can defend to consumers.

"Our success as an industry depends on our customers supporting what we do.

"They've told us that they don't particularly like confinement; we do need to find other ways to manage pigs that not only care for them in the best possible way, but also get the community support."

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