No Epidemics Despite Bad Weather in China

by 5m Editor
6 August 2010, at 9:36am

CHINA - The government's agricultural departments have so far successfully prevented post-disaster animal epidemics.

Since heavy rains, floods and droughts struck some areas of China, the Ministry of Agriculture has promptly taken steps to carry out the prevention work of post-disaster animal epidemics, by issuing circulars and dispatching working groups to guide the work in Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Jilin and Shaanxi.

The agricultural departments of disaster-stricken areas have rapidly adopted effective measures to innocuously treat dead animals, and do disinfection, monitoring and immunization work. So far, there have no outbreaks of fatal animal epidemics or zoonoses in disaster-stricken areas.

5m Editor