Swine Science Online Launches Classes

US - After months of testing, the US Pork Center of Excellence is launching classes at state six universities through Swine Science Online.
calendar icon 20 August 2010
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Starting in August 2010, the courses will be offered at Colorado State University, Iowa State University, North Carolina State University, South Dakota State University, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and the University of Missouri.

These are the courses being offered this fall/autumn:

  • Basic Swine Science
    Basic disciplines and concepts involved in swine production, including: industry structure, trends and statistics; production phases and buildings; genetic improvement; reproduction; nutrition; health and biosecurity; nutrient management; marketing and meat quality; and career opportunties in the swine industry.
  • Swine Health and Biosecurity
    Overview of standard biosecurity protocols and identification of behavior and clinical signs of illness in pigs. Treatment administration and prevention methods. Introduction to immune system function and basic swine disease transmission.
  • Swine Breeding and Gestation Management
    Concepts related to: reproductive physiology and endocrinology of boards and sows; genetic selection programs; development programs for future replacement gilts and boars; semen collection, evaluation and preparation; detection of estrus and artificial insemination; pregnancy diagnosis; feeding and housing programs for gestating sows; environmental management; records; diseases; and development of quality assurance programs for identifying and solving reproductive problems.
  • Farrowing Management
    Advanced integration and application of reproductive management concepts during farrowing and lactation. Identification of production trends; formulation of strategies to improve productivity; and parturition and neonatal management.
  • Swine Business and Records Analysis
    Evaluation of swine operations using farm and enterprise records, budgeting and financial analysis and benchmarks.
  • Swine Environment Management
    Response of swine to thermal environment, ventilation system design and analysis, healing and cooling systems and examples of various designs for all phases of production. Troubleshooting ventilation systems and energy analysis of production units.

The ultimate goal of the Swine Science Online Program is to have more academically trained students entering the pork industry. After completing required and elective courses, students will be able to apply for a Swine Science Online certificate administered by the US Pork Center of Excellence.

To learn more, visit the special web site [click here].

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