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Tyson's Waterloo Plant Temporarily Stops Production

by 5m Editor
2 September 2010, at 9:10am

IOWA, US - Concerns over livestock herding have resulted in slaughtering operation disruptions at a Waterloo meat-packing plant.

Radio Iowa reports that production in the slaughter area of Tyson Fresh Meats was temporarily halted on Tuesday afternoon after a USDA inspector raised some concerns about the way hogs were being handled at the plant.

According to Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson, about 250 workers were affected by the temporary disruption in operations.

He says the concerns were addressed immediately and full operations resumed later on Tuesday afternoon once the concerns were resolved.

Tuesday’s temporary disruption effected pork processing operations at the plant this morning.

Mr Mickelson says first-shift pork processing workers had the day off because there were not enough carcasses to process. Full operations are expected to back to normal this afternoon.

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