British Pig Industry Hogging the Limelight

by 5m Editor
18 November 2010, at 9:01am

UK - Prince William and Kate Middleton are in a position to give the pig industry a huge boost when they marry next year.

Hog roasts are growing in popularity for catering at weddings and if they chose that, it would give the industry a helping hand at a time it really needs it. Pig farmers are struggling as wheat costs have spiked and feed represents 60 per cent of the cost of raising a pig.

Weddings can put a real strain on the purse, especially in these straitened times and the Queen is no exception when it comes to being forced to make economies.

BPEX Foodservice Trade Manager Tony Goodger said: "I am constantly being told by butchers the demand for hog roasts at weddings is rising rapidly.

"The cost of a wedding can be heavy, a royal wedding even more so, and this could be a very cost effective way of serving up top quality Red Tractor assured pork."