Canadian Pork Farmers Seek Details of Coles Ban

by 5m Editor
11 November 2010, at 12:17pm

AUSTRALIA & CANADA - The Canadian pork industry says it needs more information about Coles' ban on pork products from countries which use sow stalls by 2014.

However, it says the industry is worried about the changes, which Coles announced on Monday.

Previously Coles had only applied the sow stall ban on domestic pork, something industry body Australian Pork Limited says is unfair.

ABC reports that Australia is Canada's fourth biggest pork market, worth about $14 million a year.

The Canadian Pork Council says it wants to keep exporting to Australia, and says decisions regarding sow stalls need to be made on the science.

Gary Stordy, from the Canadian Pork Council, says it's too early to say what effect the decision will have on Canada's pork industry.

"We are still learning about some of the details of what Coles wants when they purchase their pork," he said.

"At the end of the day, that information has to be sought out."

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