Air Cleared Over Pork Sale Confusion

by 5m Editor
12 January 2011, at 9:41am

MALAYSIA - Pork sellers and consumers here can breathe a sigh of relief after the city council cleared the air over confusion on a recent condition imposed on pork dealers to streamline the industry.

The controversy was triggered on Tuesday when a local Chinese daily carried a report stating that consumers would only be allowed to purchase pork from butchers between 11pm to 5am beginning 2 January.

The Malacca Pork Sellers Association (MPSA) promptly protested, reports The Star.

However, the matter was resolved yesterday when the MCA local councillors arranged a meeting between MPSA and the Malacca Historic City Council.

MCA local councillor Ronald Gan clarified that the new guidelines only affected the transportation of freshly butchered pork from the abattoirs to the pork sellers and with matters related to hygiene at meat shops.

Mr Gan denied that the new guidelines prevented the sale of pork during working hours.

“I want to assure pork sellers and consumers that there is no such condition and pork sellers can operate their business 24-hours a day if they wished,” he said when met after the meeting here in Ayer Keroh yesterday.