Bleak Start to the New Year for Pig Farmers

by 5m Editor
11 January 2011, at 11:54am

NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - The Ulster Farmers’ Union has raised concerns regarding the rising cost of production facing pig farmers, in particular the steep increase in feed costs predicted for 2011.

UFU Pork and Bacon Committee Chairman Norman Brown said, “Pig farmers are facing a bleak start to the New Year as the cost of feed has risen by 310-15 per tonne this month, and further increases are expected to be announced in February.

“Despite the increase in production costs, farm gate prices have not increased. We are already facing a situation where many pig farmers will only just be breaking even or even worse, operating at a loss. The UFU is calling on retailers and processors to recognise the current circumstances of the pig sector and to respond by ensuring they offer producers a fair and stable price for their pigs that takes into account the rising cost of production.

“The current situation is unsustainable and the pig sector is rapidly heading towards crisis. We will be doing all that we can to ensure that retailers and processors are aware of the reality facing pig farmers and will be asking them to offer a fair farm gate price for pig meat.“