Demand for Pork Products Prompts Price Increase

by 5m Editor
11 January 2011, at 11:20am

MALAYSIA - An increased demand for pork products has prompted a 20 per cent increase in pork meat prices for the coming festive season compared to last year.

The Johor (South) Butcher Association chairman Foo Ow Chek said pork prices had gone up by RM3, with a kilo priced at RM17.

“There is no fixed or regulated price and the prices differ depending on the sellers and butchers,“ he said.

He said the price hike was due to the increase in consumers and the Government’s of pig farms in the country.

“A high demand in a product naturally causes the price to increase.

“The size of the animals also plays a big part as the pigs are about 80kg now compared to the average healthy pig, which weighs about 110kg,“ he told The Star recently.

Mr Foo said the state’s pork supply was mostly from farms in Kluang and Muar.

He said the price increase had stirred a lot of dissatisfaction among consumers and traders alike.

Traders selling smoked meat, more commonly known as ‘rou gan’ or ‘bakwa’ said the prices of the Chinese New Year delicacy had also increased.

Piau Siang Foodstuff proprietor Soh Chun Huat, 58, said they were forced to increase the price of smoked meat because of the rise in pork prices.

“We are now selling the ‘bakwa’ at RM70 per kilo, which is RM3 more expensive than last year,“ he said, adding a lot of customers had complained about the price hike.

He said sales had declined since the price hike and it had affected his business.

A sales girl, known only as Hoo, who sells Kiew Brothers’ smoked meat said this year, the meat costs RM81 per kilo.

“Most customers do not mind the price increase as ‘bakwa’ is a staple during the Chinese New Year celebrations as it is presented as gifts and is served to their guests during the festive period,“ she said.

She added that customers usually rushed to buy the meat in bigger quantities two weeks before Chinese New Year.