UFU Welcomes Private Storage Aid for Pig Meat

by 5m Editor
28 January 2011, at 11:13am

NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - As pig farmers in Northern Ireland continue to struggle with rising feed prices and disappointing market returns, the Ulster Farmers’ Union has welcomed European Agriculture Minister Ciolos’ actions to open Private Storage Aid (PSA) facility for pig meat.

UFU Pork and Bacon Chairman Norman Brown said, “Opening this facility will allow for the surplus of pigmeat to be removed from the European market and hopefully bring some stability to pig prices. January and February are traditionally slow months for the pig sector, and we are seeing an abundance of pigmeat on the European market. This combined with the rising cost of feed and recent drops in prices for pigmeat means that Northern Ireland’s pig producers are finding themselves in a very difficult situation.

“The Private Storage Facility should help to counter these events and help to start to get the pig sector back on an even keel. Ultimately, the decision for processors to access the PSA facility will be a commercial one. However, I would strongly encourage them to recognise the current reality facing pig producers and to champion the quality assured pigmeat that we produce here in Northern Ireland.“

With the current challenges facing the pigs sector it is understandable that there are some producers out there who are looking into the viability of their business. The UFU is encouraging pig producers who are at this point to review their own specific cost of production before making any decisions. DARD has announced that they are making their CAFRE Pig Technologists available to those looking for support and advice. General advice and Benchmarking are available to all NI producers and by contacting either Liz Donnelly or Mark Hawe in DARD at Greenmount on 028 9442 6756.