CPC's Traceability Programme Moves Forward

by 5m Editor
11 February 2011, at 9:42am

CANADA - The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) traceability programme, PigTrace Canada, continues to move forward with the development of a world class traceability system with the help of funding announced by Minister Gerry Ritz.

The announcement of approximately C$3.7 million will go a long way towards the realization of a traceability program that will contribute to the competitiveness of the industry, improve access to domestic and international markets, strengthen the integrity of the value chain, and introduce innovation throughout all aspects of the production cycle. A portion of the funds will be used for the education of Canadian producers and other system users in order to ensure that movement reporting, as will be required by federal law, is as straightforward and simple as possible.

Although the Canadian hog industry has excellent heard health status, "Animal health and foreign animal disease preparedness are key priorities for industry," recognised Curtiss Littlejohn, Chair of PigTrace Canada. "As an industry led initiative, we are grateful for the support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in our development of a traceability system. The animal movement information we will collect will be used to contain and reduce the spread of foreign swine diseases so they can be eliminated. Today's announcement takes us one step closer to PigTrace Canada's goal of making traceability a feasible and cost-effective tool for Canadian producers in every way possible."

A national swine traceability programme is intended to identify pathways where infected animals have moved, potentially infecting other farms and swine. Animal movement information is used to contain and reduce the spread of highly contagious swine diseases so they can be eliminated.

"The Canadian pork industry truly appreciates the support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. We have branded our traceability system as PigTrace Canada and are already working hard towards the implementation of a world class swine traceability system. This system will serve as a tool in moving the Canadian pork industry forward in today's global market. Today's announcement shows the continued support of the Canadian government and industry to work towards the mutually beneficial goal of improving disease preparedness," added Jurgen Preugschas, President of the Canadian Pork Council.

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