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Farmers Offered $26M to Clean Up After Pigs

by 5m Editor
25 February 2011, at 7:51am

CANADA - The federal and Manitoba governments have committed $26 million to help the province's farmers clean up after their pigs.

Dealing with manure and the threat of water contamination is one of the big problems created by large pig-farming operations.

"Manitoba producers take great pride in being responsible stewards of the land and water resources," federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz stated in a news release.

"Our government is pleased to support the environmental sustainability of the farming community as it plays an integral role in the long-term viability and competitiveness of the hog industry."

Over a three-year period, Ottawa is committing $16 million and Manitoba $10 million toward the Manure Management Financial Assistance Programme (MMFAP).

The goal is to help pig producers build and repair manure storage structures that eliminate the need to spread manure on fields during the winter when the ground is frozen.

Also, by encouraging the adoption of manure treatment systems, producers are in a better position to reduce soil phosphorus on their land.

This programme will help reduce the risk of water contamination, the governments stated in a news release, reports

"We recognize that we all share responsibility for protecting our water and we also recognize the challenges this industry has faced with the rising dollar and unstable prices," Manitoba Agriculture Minister Stan Struthers said.