Health Scheme Launched in East Midlands

by 5m Editor
15 February 2011, at 8:20am

UK - Vets with clients in the East Midlands area met last Thursday to discuss the imminent launch of the latest regional health scheme, East Midlands Pig Health (EMPH).

The BPEX health team gave a series of presentations to the group of 8 specialist pig vets who practice in the East Midlands, to outline the scope of East Midlands Pig Health and to give an update on the health schemes already operating in the other regions. The vets then brainstormed their ideas on what the new scheme should offer, which will be fed back to the steering group later this month.

EMPH members will get their BPHS results for free – so start planning now to get your pigs in on a BPHS assessment day (assessment dates can be found on the BPEX web site). When you sign the relevant forms for membership to EMPH, you will be sent your BPHS reports. For those who would like their reports sooner, they should contact Helen Clarke or Ross Lake for the form.

East Midlands Pig Health will add to the 125,000 sows and 600,000 finishing pigs already signed up to the initiative in the other regions. EMPH will focus on health management and biosecurity training. Launch meetings will take place in early March – invites will arrive on producers doorsteps soon!

For more information, please email Helen Clark or call 07973 701 369.

5m Editor